It s the pulse pounding series that put UDON on the map as one of North America s most original comic book publishers Based on the video game that birthed the fighting game genre, Street Fighter features timeless characters, gripping stories, and the dynamic artwork that UDON is famous for In Volume , Chun li and Guile team up to bring down Bison and the terrorist Shadaloo organization, while shotokan fighters Ryu and Ken seek out their master s murderer the deadly Akuma The art was good but the story was choppy in places and Eliza is just a downer Nostalgia speaking here, but I had a good time And, darn it if I don t smile every time they use their trademark moves. Not very deep, mind you But I liked the artwork and the worldbuilding despite, or maybe even because of, all the cliches in the characters and the setting I know next to nothing about the game, its lore, or its characters but as an introduction I found this easy to follow and definitely entertaining I would have preferred something a bit larger, though The art, and the fight scenes in particular, lose quite a bit at digest size.