Rescue Mission RioluWhen Ash and his friends encounter an injured Riolu, they want to help it But this is no ordinary Riolu It s afraid to trust Ash, and with good reason Riolu s on the run from two different groups of Pokemon poachers, including ruthless Hunter JNow it s up to Ash to win the little Fighting type s trust Because the move that makes Riolu so speci

10 thoughts on “The Lost Riolu (Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Chapter Book, #2)

  1. Kim Kim says:

    Not enough Team Rocket coverage I know it s an adaptation from the episode, but who doesn t wantTeam Rocket Meowth s the name

  2. Victoria Victoria says:

    Ash and company must help save a powerful Riolu from Hunter J s poachers An interesting read.

  3. Miss Ryoko Miss Ryoko says:

    My students really wanted to read a Pokemon book It was pretty basic I think Pokemon fans will like it Not a book I would have read on my own though.