The acclaimed actor, writer, producer, and director tells how he navigates the ups and downs of show business and family life, including such problems as parents, jobs, sex, money, children, friendship, gossip, andNational ad promo Tour

10 thoughts on “How I Get Through Life: A Wise and Witty Guide

  1. Marsha Marsha says:

    Charles Grodin is an actor He was famous for some movies that he was a part of in the 1980s This is a smart book of essays Grodin wrote pertaining to situations in his life Some of my favors were his essays on Jealousy, Children, Cars, Unreturned Phone Calls, Punctuality, Rats, Four Legged and Two, Fake Voices, Snobs and Bigots, and others This was not only an enjoyable read, but had some philosophies to think about as well.

  2. Patti Patti says:

    A great book for airplanes and hotels The short essays are a perfect in between and offer subjects for conversation starters with the people you meet.Since Andy Rooney has passed, maybe it s Grodin s turn to give an oped at the end of 60 minutes

  3. Leenda dela Luna Leenda dela Luna says:

    Meh Published in 1992 and it shows.Very very easy read most chapters are only 1.5 pages, with 2 blank pages between.