very simpliied book with many examples on every objective that makes it easy for every learner. Dan Gookin is great but this is not one of his best books It feels like the trial version for his far superior andcomplete book that is the C All In One Desk Reference for Dummies This book is enough to get your feet wet but only that If you are serious about learning C, skip it and go straight to the Desk Reference which I cannot recommend highly enough rubbish It was a strain putting up with all those bad jokes But I persisted If only it had been a film If I hadn t walked out, I wouldn t have lost so much time I tried to zip through it cursorily, but there were too many fifth rate conundrums competing for pun status I put my thorough review onI think it s not exactly art, either. When I was a kid I read the heck out of this book I remember writing source code on letter paper because I wasn t allowed near a computer to do it there I wrote software and then typed it in at school when I could. Great book for starting out However, must be followed up by a lot of actual practice to really learn the language. if only it didon pointer and linked lists. mostly helpful, but sometimes the tone of the book was overly comedic and lacked actual information, which was frustrating. while deadhorse beat If you re like most people, the above seems like nonsense Actually, it s computer sense C programming After digesting C For Dummies, nd Edition,you ll understand it C programs are fast, concise and versatile They let you boss your computer around for a change So turn on your computer, get a free compiler and editor the book tells you where , pull up a chair, and get going You won t have to go far pageto find your first program example You ll do short, totally manageable, hands on exercises to help you make sense of Allkeywords in the C language that s right justwords The functions several dozen of them Terms like printf , scanf , gets , and puts String variables, numeric variables, and constants Looping and implementation Floating point values In case those terms are almost as intimidating as the idea of programming, be reassured that C For Dummies was written by Dan Gookin, bestselling author of DOS For Dummies, the book that started the whole library So instead of using expletives and getting headaches, you ll be using newly acquired skills and getting occasional chuckles as you discover how to Design and develop programs Add comments like post it notes to yourself as you go Link code to create executable programs Debug and deploy your programs Use lint, a common tool to examine and optimize your code A helpful, tear out cheat sheet is a quick reference for comparison symbols, conversion characters, mathematical doodads, C numeric data types, and C For Dummies takes the mystery out of programming and gets you into it quickly and painlessly