In an ancient Transylvanian ritual of blood, fire and steel, she died to create a creature of vengeance First the creature was a mindless lump of semifluid flesh resting under the floorboards in the dingy London rooming house Impelled by its overwhelming need to eat, to grow, it fed on beetles, silverfish, then rats each time changing, taking the form of itsvictims Then it heard the baby s sickly wail

10 thoughts on “The Crone

  1. Duane Ballenger Duane Ballenger says:

    Lol, not bad Like reading a B horror flick Plus, that cover is preeeety radical

  2. Kenneth Kenneth says:

    A really gruesome horror story of revenge Peter Stone is in London and there he has an affair, after which her mother if I remember correctly seeks total revenge.

  3. Mark Mark says:

    1 2 star.