Oysters Among Us follows the erotic and soulful adventures of a group of friends and family who live in Boulder and San Francisco, as they begin to answer the important questions of this millennium Can you be too rich or have too much sex Does it even count if it s only online sex If you appear naked at the mall, is it always necessary to sing Amazing Grace Are sex quests better than everyday vision quests Is it better to dance with snakes, or to follow the instructions on a Mary Kay sign when making love What happens when grandpa starts counting back through his lovers and recreating the Book of Love Why isn t the Baseball Position described in the Kama Sutra What do people actually bring to a Better Than Sex party And in the end, when everyone has partied in the Blue Room until dancing naked in the rain seems an everyday activity, and has had enough sex to last at least through the weekend and has reached toward their dreams, does the boom on the final flight represent danger, or the erotic future in Rome An imaginative romp through real life and dreams, with some of the hottest writing around that can make you laugh at the same time it grabs for your libido, Susannah Indigo s Oysters Among Us is pure erotic entertainment, gracefully layered with profound truth and exploration