Instant European History From the French Revolution to the Cold War by Robert P Libbon 1996 From The French Revolution To The Cold War, This Spirited Chronicle Brings European History To Life, Following The Trails Of Treachery, Unearthing The Dirt On Key Historical Figures, And Reconstructing Dramatic Revolutionary Battles So If You Ve Ever Wondered Why Napolean S Boundless Ambition Led To Waterloo Or How Hitler Stalled On The Rocky Road To Moscow, This Book Is For YouBesides Uncovering All The Juicy Facts You Forgot From History , Instant European History Reveals The Surprising Side Of People And Events That Conventional Accounts IgnoreYou Ll Learn Why The First King Of Great Britain Couldn T Speak EnglishWhy The War To End All Wars Was Followed Byanother WarHow The Guillotine Gave French Revolutionaries A Middle Class Tax CutHow A German Exile Invented The Philosophy That Made Russia See Red