I will be re reading this book again and taking the time to do the Points to Ponder The book, even though full of humor, makes you really think about your life. Is your spiritual life like a fast food run than an intimate dinner for two Whether it s the busy mother s wish to be Wonder Woman minus the metal bra or battles with an exploding hot water heater, or fighting the Resolutionary War of New Year s Day, Mary Pierce understands the dilemmas of being a woman in today s world From disorganized misery to extreme organizational mania she used to refer to her children by their household chores Cat Box Boy, Dishwasher Girl, and Garbage Can Baby , Pierce deals with our fumbling attempts to grow closer to God, encouraging us as she invites us to laugh, cry, love, embrace life, and pray In her humorous, conversational style, Pierce laughs at her mistakes and her prayers that seem like advertising jingles Lord, I need a break today, and Can you hear me now, Lord In Confessions of a Prayer Wimp, you ll come to understand that faith is less about what you are or do or say, and about who God is someone who loves you no matter what you do Okay, I confess I didn t get very far in this book before I stopped reading Too much self deprication I couldn t read anyI m not deep and other comments that seemed to undercut the author s intelligence and insight I think that we are also WAY too different, theologically and ideologically, for me to want to dwell in this book Having said that, I can think of a handful of people I know who would love this read which is why I gave it 3 stars instead of 1. I really enjoyed this book I remember reading this in 2009 it was on sale at christian bookstore and I couldn t put the book down It was full of humour but really was a great book on spiritural growth I would recommend this book to anyone into christian reading Pierce s honesty in her own struggle to trust God in everything, as well as tell the reader some pretty heavy personal history, gives this book an A in my mind I have returned to this book several times and continue to find inspiration. Awesome bookVery thought provoking I would recommend this to women of all ages Great sense of humour and a very down to earth read God Bless you Mary Pierce