Writing, for Michael Snow, is as much a form of art making as the broad range of visual art activities for which he is renowned, including the Walking Woman series and the film Wavelength Conversely, many of the texts included in this anthology are as significant visually as they are at the level of content they are meant to be looked at as well as read Situated somewhere between a repository of contemporary thought by one of our leading Canadian artists and a history book as it brings to light some important moments in the cultural life of Canada since the s, these texts tell their own story, marking the passage of time, ideas and attitudesThe works included here, ranging from essays and interviews and record album cover notes to filmscripts and speeches which, in Snow s hands, often fall into the category of performance art , are not only built for browsing, they offer insights into both the professional and the private Snow Together, they expand the context of Snow s work and show the evolution of a great Canadian artist, beginning with his early attempts at defining art, to his emergence and recognition on the international art sceneThis book is one of four books that are part of the Michael Snow Project Initiated by the Art Gallery of Ontario and The Power Plant Gallery, the project also includes four exhibitions of his visual art and music

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