Operator , America s Secret Service Ace, appeared innovels in the classic pulp magazine bearing his name From Aprilto November , Jimmy Christopher fought villains from inside the United States and invaders from without With World War II looming on the horizon, the Operatornovels became a reflection of the times, showcasing American fears of technology and oppression In The Dawn that Shook the World, Jimmy Christopher leads a band of agents into Europe, battlling a dictator with plans for world dominations shades of Adolph Hitler One of the bloodiest pulp magazines ever produced, Operatorhas a well deserved reputation for thrill a minute action and peril If you like pulp fiction, you ll love Operator

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  1. Ronald Ronald says:

    Another wants to take over the world These books seemscary than when I read them in the 60s.Invading forces seem indestructible as they walk through gunfire unaffected.