This sturdy Sesame Street board book invites boys and girls agestoto play Pat a Cake, This Little Piggy, My Hands upon My Head, and other baby games with Elmo and his Baby friends Bold, colorful illustrations and adult friendly how to play instructions make this sturdy interactive board book the perfect baby and toddler gift

10 thoughts on “Pat-A-Cake and Other First Baby Games

  1. Asho Asho says:

    L wanted to check this book out from the library but she s almost 5 and I knew that although the Sesame Street characters on the cover were appealing the book would probably bore her, so I convinced her to let me check it out for F 15 months instead The illustrations aren t anything special and all of the baby games were ones I was already familiar with, but it was good to jog my memory with some I hadn t thought about in a while.

  2. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    I m living that cliche where my kid loves anything with Elmo in it In this case, it s a book, so I mthan willing to let her enjoy it It has cute songs rhymes in in, and those baby muppets are insanely adorable.

  3. Joshua& Joshua& says:

    Fun and simple games and songs for little ones with their favorite sesame street characters A great combination I wish there were a couple extra things in the illustrations to make theminteresting like flowers or butterflies etc.