Erica Jong, the bestselling author of FEAR OF FLYING andrecently FEAR OF FIFTY, began her literary life as a poet Here is the th anniversary edition of Jong s debut collection, a surrealistic, funny, gastronomic, erotic, serious book about being human and female and Americanpp Beautifully gifted artist writer with a wry yet good hud, worldview and a penchant for adventure This was a fun, quick read I know Erica Jong had written Fear of Flying, but I was still surprised by how sexy and funny these poems were My favorite lines were from Two More Scenes from the Lives of the Vegetables II Carrot, which read Actually we believe the carrot to beGod s penis.That is why we walk behind it.It is disappointing, wrinkled and small.It s the only one we ve got.How we dream of a great carrot to follow Blown up like a Macy s balloon on Thanksgiving, So muchhere than just sexy food poems Sometimes the images may seem overwrought, and Jong s early work clearly wants to be polemical But as a young feminist coming of age in the new millennium, I still found them to be raw and startlingly beautiful I pick it up whenever I m looking for honesty to this day. Of course, it s beautiful Not all of it, but the good is so very good.