Science and Islam provides a detailed account of the relationship between Islam and science from the emergence of the Islamic scientific tradition in the eighth century to the present time This relationship has gone through three distinct phases The first phase began with the emergence of science in the Islamic civilization in the eighth century and ended with the rise of modern science in the West the second period is characterized by the arrival of modern science in the Muslim world, most of which at that time was under colonial occupation and the third period, which began around , is characterized by a mature approach to the major questions that modern science has posed for all religious traditionsBased on primary sources, the book presents a panorama of Islamic views on some of the major issues in the current science and religion discourse Written in accessible language, Science and Islam is an authentic account of the multi faceted and complex issues that arise at the interface of Islamic intellectual tradition and science Rich in historical details, the book is a fascinating survey of the interaction of Islamic beliefs with the enterprise of science

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  1. Ayaz Ayaz says:

    Chapters on Islam and Modern Science The Colonial Era and Contemporary issues are very beneficial to understand existing perspectives on modern science developed by Muslim intellectuals since 19th century.