I really felt this book was geared to one audience Kids ages 8 12.That was the good and bad about it.I wasn t appreciative of the layout or childish illustrations, I like my historystraightforward, but for kids of that target range, it would be worth reading The fun illustrations lure them in, and make it easily understandable.Great for home reading, but again not something I would recommend for schools, due to the laid back nature in the illustrations.3.5 5 Squeezing together , years of bloody battles, glorious empires, revolting revolutions, monstrous monarchs, and so much , The History Book gives everything a good shake and a couple of twists, so the important bits are all there, but the fun stuff rises to the top Explore the copper, bronze, and iron ages through some heavy metal merchandise, pick your barbarian warrior in a beat em up videogame, and read Napoleon s profile on a social networking site Learning history has never been so innovative or exciting Find out where you fit in to the story of the world