An idealistic young woman, Carol Ann Gates, has spent most of the s in a forlorn quest for love and self fulfillment After several years in Los Angeles and New York, she accepts an invitation from her older sister, Melanie, to stay with her and her daughter, Patricia, in their native Oklahoma En route, she misses her connecting flight and encounters Ray, a handsome young man who believes their meeting is no accident and offers to drive her home She accepts his offer and invites him to stay with her family While there, Ray has a series of volatile exchanges with John, Melanie s former lover who has re appeared after six years and also finds himself falling in love with Patricia, who returns his feelings He reveals to her that he is on a mission of great importance, the impact of which only becomes clear in the play s penultimate scene HEARTS BEATING FASTER takes the audience on a compelling journey through the lives of five incredibly vivid characters, whose fears and dreams mirror the changes that have been taking place in this country and in ourselves over the last dozen years

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