500 Beaded Objects New Dimensions in Contemporary Beadwork Paperback by Carol Wilcox Wells Highly illustrated. Gorgeous selection of beaded works Eye candy Though a little flawed, this is by far my favorite in the 500 series It is filled with inspiration and incredible designs Although the title would suggest that all of the pieces featured would be non wearable, there are many jewelry designs mixed in with the sculptures and objects Many of them are elaborate, but there are a few very ordinary pieces that seem to suggest the editors couldn t find enough designs to meet the quota. So I m secretly or not a craft geek I loved this book The pieces in here are gorgeous, and well photographed If you re looking for crafty inspiration, this is the place to look. Celebrate the amazing evolution of beadwork from a simple craft to expressive art Every stunning sculpture, vessel, figure, loomed and woven work, free form installation, and piece of jewelry shown here in glorious color photos is gallery quality and thoroughly unique Jennifer Maestre s intricate, swooping pencil point bead sculptures explore form, motion, and space A Kimberlin Blackburn has fashioned lush Hawaiian Island scenes out of glass beads and hand carved wood The ever innovative David K Chatt has entries ranging from the pointed commentary, White Men in Suits, to vivid jewelry For a little humor, try Valeria Harlow s masterful Toe Mangler, a testament to every woman who has ever suffered in uncomfortable shoes This amazing collection is truly state of the art