Troublemaker tells the dramatic story of Harry Wu, China s best known dissident in the West, who continues to risk his life to expose Beijing s human rights abuses including its prison network, in which millions are enslaved of photos

10 thoughts on “Troublemaker:: One Man's Crusade Against China's Cruelty

  1. Mark Mark says:

    In the 90 s he was detained by China and then released after 45 days or so.Book is about his travels in China and the prison system and forced labor Very eye opening He was 19 years imprisoned for being a rightist because his parents were poisoned by the West for being raised Catholic and having books by Western authors etc Its hard to get people to talk about the Cultural Revolution because just about every family suffered in some way But he eventually got out and lives in US now.

  2. Carol Price Carol Price says:

    True life account of living in prison camps in China True story of one man s journey through the persecution of being kept in prison camps, as a political prisoner on very thin charges, for the purpose of slave labor Eye opening.

  3. Shane Shane says:

    brilliant expose.