There once was a vain and superficial emperor who lived for his wardrobe When two fellows appeared claiming to be able to make clothes that are exquisite and lavish and visible to all who are not stupid or unfit for their position The emperor and his court are soon taken in by their claim, even though as time passes no one is able to actually see what they are weaving on their looms (not that any of them would ever admit it).This one was a stretch for my Disney source material readthrough, as The Emperor's New Groove is baaaaaaarely based on this story (in similarity of name and barebones character elements borrowed from the emperor), but it was fun to read anyway This was never my favorite of the wellknown Andersen stories, but I can definitely see its layers and messages reading as an adult (perhaps these daysthan ever) There seem to be some barelydisguised political/social statements here, and they apply today as well as they did when they were written, I'm sure The colorful illustrations by Dorothée Duntze are stylistically interesting and nicely detailed, though some of the character designs were a bit offputting here and there.This isn't my favorite Hans Christian Andersen story, but it has some pretty interesting elements, even (especially?) to amature reader Part fairy tale, part satire, it's funny to think about how many emperors are walking around naked these days without any small child to point it out to everyone else who's too afraid or unwilling to. Popular E Book, Kejserens Nye Klæder: Et Eventyr Author Dorothée Duntze This is very good and becomes the main topic to read, the readers are very takjup and always take inspiration from the contents of the book Kejserens Nye Klæder: Et Eventyr, essay by Dorothée Duntze Is now on our website and you can download it by register what are you waiting for? Please read and make a refission for you