Now, in Female Dominance Rituals and Practices, professional dominatrix and glamorous fetish diva Claudia Varrin helps every domina and her ever willing slave take it to the next level This book guides women through the deeper waters of safe and consensual dominance and submission play, from bondage techniques and fetishes to alternative disciplines and Edge Play As mistresses, they will learn to recognize how far their slave is willing to go to fulfill his darkest desires and how far they will go to give them to him The book covers such tantalizing topics as Techniques to liberate and enhance sensuality, boost female confidence, and fuel sexual self esteem The qualities of a good domina and submissive How to cross dress for success and live out fantasy roles The diverse styles of the domina from domestic discipline dominant to dungeon mistress If and how you should invite a third party to your games Discipline sparing the rod need not spoil the submissive Fabulous fetishes Potent and pleasurable humiliation techniques Vampyrism Advanced bondage techniques and necessary safety tips