A bit slow so far Of course biographies from the 18th century readlike wikipedia articles, they are complete, reference filled, exhaustive overviews of a life, not narrative tour de force That said there is definitely lessons to be learned and a life lives well lived to be gleaned form Just be patient with the dry at times narrative features of this work By all means read it Just take your time. A thorough account of an inspiring man, with many first hand sources, such as letters and eyewitness accounts. EARLY YEARSE traveller who visits Maiden, Massachusetts, one of the picturesque suburban towns of Boston, may find in the Baptist meeting house a marble tablet, bearing the following inscription IN MEMORIAMV, ADONIRAM JUDSONRN AUG , DIED APRIL , LDEN, HIS BIRTHPLACEE OCEAN, HIS SEPULCHRENVERTED BURMANS, ANDTHE BURMAN BIBLE,HIS MONUMENTHIS RECORD IS ON HIGHAn old wooden house embosomed among the trees is stilt pointed out as the birthplace of Adoniram Judson His father, who also bore the quaint, scriptural name of Adoniram, was a Congregationalist minister, born in Woodbury, Connecticut, in June,He was married November to Abigail Brown, who was born at Tiverton, Rhode Island, December,Soon after his marriage he settled in Maiden, Massachusetts, and here his eldest son, Adoniram, was born